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Android or iOS is often the question that comes to mind when thinking of developing an app with an intention to earn money from it. The article exposes few factors that help you take the right decision.

Android or iOS? Which Development Platform Can Fetch you More Money?

Mobile app market is much talked about and booming field owing to the increased usage and popularity of mobile phones by people. This emergence and rise of mobile app market has increased job opportunities and scope for developers. Entrepreneurs hire top mobile app developers from reputed firms and invest in good app idea to reap fruitful benefits.

Building a mobile app and launching it in the App Store is seen as one good way of making money. Android and iOS are two majorly used platforms by smartphone users. The development process for each platform varies and this gives rise to the question, ‘which development platform can fetch more money?’

Here we shall discuss some important criteria to consider when deciding on which platform to build for first:

Analyze your Target Audience

Who will be using your app? The answer to this question will help you determine your target audience. Now that you know the chunk of people that may majorly use your app, categorize them in terms of geographic location. Check whether they belong to developing nations or developed ones?

Android or iOS? Which Development Platform Can Fetch You More Money?

This analysis determines whether your audience will be spending for high budget phones like Apple devices or go for cheaper Android variations. Based on this result, you can affirm one strong point in your Android or iOS confusion.

Scope of Earning

Android or iOS? Which Development Platform Can Fetch You More Money?

Android usually features add support apps in the Google Play Store. On the other hand, Apple has more of valuable and paid apps that are purchased by its sophisticated niche audience. This means that iOS apps have greater scope of making money when compared to Android apps.

Release Cycle

Android or iOS? Which Development Platform Can Fetch You More Money?

Android apps have to be built to support older as well as new versions as adoption rate to new Android versions is relatively slower when compared to iOS. Apple users switch to the latest OS update very fast, thus facilitating developers to focus on the latest update and develop the iOS app accordingly. Thus, iOS apps take less time for its development when compared to Android apps that take much longer to be built completely.

Time to Market

Approval process for Android apps to be released on the Google Play Store is hassle free. This Store accepts apps as soon you request for it. In case of Android apps, you can expect your app to be launched as soon as its Mobile Application Development is completed.

Android or iOS? Which Development Platform Can Fetch you More Money?

Apple’s approval process is time consuming with a bit of overhead formalities. Once the developer requests for release to the App Store, the company considers the request and tests the app in their own way. It can also reject the app specifying the reason, on which you may have to rework and request for release again.

On a Concluding Note

iOS apps have less development cost and good audience to value your app. This gives development of iOS apps an upper hand over Android ones. Thus iOS is the right choice when thinking of long term success. However, if you are in hurry to release app to market and want to earn through in-app purchases, then Android platform is the perfect take.

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